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Ireland's first digital skills programme for primary schools

Engage, inspire and educate with IT-based lesson plans, resources and schemes of work – all designed for Ireland's primary teachers.

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Lesson Plans

With clear learning objectives, step-by-step instructions and engaging content, CLISTE's range of Lesson Plans will engage and inspire your classroom.

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Quality Resources

Lesson Plans are supported by original presentations, printable worksheets and quizzes, all developed especially for the Irish primary school system.

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School Subjects

Lesson Plans are logically grouped into Schemes of Work to help you integrate CLISTE into subject areas. Implement CLISTE how and when you want – it's that flexible.

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1x Year’s
Complete IT Curriculum

CLISTE's September-to-May Schemes of Work add up to a full year of IT-based discovery and learning based on about one hour of class time per week.

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Lesson Plans to engage,
inspire and educate

Developed for Irish primary teachers for the Irish primary classroom.

At the heart of CLISTE are its Lesson Plans. Each one:

  • Begins with a clear set of learning objectives
  • Sets out the vocabulary to be used
  • Lists the IT prerequisites needed
  • Opens with an introductory activity and then expands on the concept
  • Offers, in easy-to-follow steps, classroom-ready content that will engage and inspire your pupils
  • Includes a wide range of support resources, such as presentations, printable worksheets and quizzes.

Some Lesson Plans are complementary, others work best when delivered in order, but more are standalone so you, the teacher, decide how your students can most benefit from CLISTE.


Original, high-quality, multimedia resources.

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CLISTE Teacher

CLISTE presentations, tips and tricks, and topic introductions can be used as reference guides, to create discussion in the classroom or shown as is on a digital whiteboard.

CLISTE resources typically include:

  • Presentations
  • Ready-to-print worksheets and quizzes
  • Work files
  • Glossary

We believe in helping teachers grow in confidence using IT so they in turn can help their students. Included in CLISTE resources are links for further reading and a range of curated, child-safe web links to resources offered by content providers such as RTE and National Geographic.

schemes of work

Flexible and focused.
CLISTE caters for everyone.


We appreciate that primary schools have tight time constraints and there are huge demands on teachers to accommodate the existing intensive curriculum. To illustrate CLISTE's flexibility we devised a suggested Yearly Planner that may be used to integrate CLISTE's IT objectives with the teaching of other primary subjects.

The yearly planner's 8 Schemes of Work can be delivered as discrete units based on subject focus, grouped together based on IT area or delivered in order.

Schemes of Work map to Lesson Plans which provide comprehensive instruction to guide teachers along with supporting resources for use in the classroom.

Teachers and schools are free to implement CLISTE in any order. All guidelines are suggestions for applying digital skills, but we recognise that every school, teacher and student is different and that teachers can draw on their experience to pick and choose what is suitable for them.

The bigger picture.
The brighter future.

Join us on the road ahead
to learning and discovery.

CLISTE adopts a holistic approach to learning about IT and includes:

Strand 1: Learning to use Computers and Devices
Strand 2: Applying Digital Skills to Learning
Strand 3: Being a Digital Citizen

A teacher or school is free to implement CLISTE as they wish for example:

  • Run a 'Digital Citizenship' programme using lesson plans and resources from Strand 3.
  • Use some or all the subject focus areas suggested in the yearly planner.
  • Follow the steps in each scheme of work.

CLISTE 2014-2015 is just the first step on a journey towards whole-school digital learning.

Lesson Plans, Schemes of Work and supporting resources are aimed at third and fourth class pupils with further years already in development.

When you're ready to go,
we'll help you get there.

No software to install. No setup required. And all the support you need.

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Works anywhere.
On everything.

Sign in to CLISTE and access classroom resources - anytime, anywhere, on any device. If you can point, click, tap or swipe, you're ready to go.

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and Offline.

You can teach most CLISTE lesson plans with only a whiteboard and paper, so you can optimise the amount of time in a computer room or using PCs/devices.

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We're here whenever
you need us.

Our CLISTE Support and Customer Care teams are ready to assist you in implementing CLISTE.

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